Jude is a forensic accountant by day and a contemporary artist by night. This unique combination of specialties allows him to create pieces of fine art that are like no other. He uses ink and coffee to create stunning works of art out of legal and business documents.

He has been painting for over two decades. However it wasn’t until recently that he has defined and developed the cohesive style that you see today.

Per Jude: “At this juncture in my artistic career, all of my pieces are created with legal and business documents, painted with varying dilutions of calligraphy ink, and stained with coffee. I wanted to show the artistic community the beauty I find in these documents. At the same time I wanted to break down the preconceptions held by the legal and business community of the kind of personality who chooses to become an accountant. In the end I can only hope that my work has something to say that connects with people. Paper crumbles and ink fades, but when used to capture a thought or feeling, the words penned can live on eternally. If my pieces can provoke the kinds of notions and emotions that leave an indelible impression on the viewer, then I will have accomplished my purpose.”


The Mediums

“I’ve chosen to exclusively use paper, ink, and coffee in my work. I see it as a statement of who I am as an artist that is also a litigation professional as these materials are commonplace in that world. At the same time, it is a reflection of the subjects I choose in my artwork.

I have the unique perspective of being able to see these legal and business documents as beautiful in and of themselves. They represent complex issues, paradigm shifting ideas, and historic events. Yet they are summed up in the words of the pages.

I hope that those with a refined eye to fine art recognize my deliberate choice of crude materials. For there is a fascination I have in the juxtaposition of the fleeting delicateness of paper and the indelible mark of ink. It is at this crossroad of materials that the world has been transformed time and time again.”