Exhibit 4: Steve Jobs

Exhibit 4: Steve Jobs

Exhibit 4: Steve Jobs

Title:      “Exhibit 4: Steve Jobs”

Size:       48” x 60”

Media:  Paper adhered to canvas, stained with coffee, and painted with calligraphy ink

Date Completed: June 6, 2015

Description: In memory of the late great Steve Jobs, this piece of artwork uses pages from Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Ltd. Inc. The pages are stained with coffee and painted with various levels of diluted calligraphy ink to achieve different gradient levels.

In a ghastly, way it captures the indelible mark that Jobs left on us through the products he brought to market and how his influence remains prevalent even after his passing.

Owner: Aaron Sorkin as of October 23, 2015

Sales Price: undisclosed

Unique Identification Number: #0000000000728