Exhibit 6: Bob Marley

Exhibit 6: Bob Marley

Exhibit 6: Bob Marley

Title:      “Exhibit 6: Bob Marley”

Size:       48” x 60”

Media:  Paper adhered to canvas, stained with coffee, and painted with calligraphy ink

Date Completed: June 19, 2015

Description: This piece of artwork is a portrait of the musician Bob Marley that uses pages from the Nevada case involving trademarks related to Bob Marley: Fifty-Six Hope Road Music, LTD.; Zion Rootswear, LLC; and Robert Marley Foundation, LTD., v. A.V.E.L.A., Inc.; Leo Valencia; X Oone X Movie Archive, Inc.; JEM Sportswear; and Central Mills.

Owner: The Bob Marley Museum as of January 29, 2016

Sales Price: Not for sale